Eco-Friendly Home Improvement

Not long ago, making the eco-friendly choice meant compromise:  settling for something that was less than you wanted or paying more than you should.  Fortunately, those days are fading into memory.  Today, there are many ways to make environmentally responsible lifestyle and product choices.  A-1 Custom Cabinets & Design is excited to offer our customers responsible choices while still providing all the creativity, quality and value our customers expect.

Most consumers are aware of the availablity of sustainable fabrics, paint products with low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), and floor & wall coverings with recycled content.  However, many are not aware of the “green” products available for your kitchen and bath.  For instance, countertops can be manufactured in sustainable or recycled materials.  A-1 Custom Cabinets & Design has beautiful selections of bamboo (sustainable), recycled glass, and solid surface made with 40% recycled content.

A new earth-friendly choice available for cabinetry is Lyptus.  It’s a wood that is carefully managed for sustainability.  It’s fast-growing and yet has the hardness of maple, the grain of mahogany and the warmth of cherry.  Lyptus is a naturally-occurring hybrid of eucalyptus which can be harvested in as little as 15 years (versus 50 to 100 years for traditional hardwoods).  It is grown on deforested land reserves that are reclaimed from the Rain Forest and specially maintained to preserve the balance of the ecosystem.  Lyptus has a naturally deep, warm coloration that accepts a variety of finishes and a lovely grain pattern that ranges from straight fine patterns, to burls, to faint tiger striping.

A-1 Custom Cabinets & Design is trying to promote “green” awareness by offering special discounts on Lyptus cabinetry, Bamboo countertops, and recycled solid surface.  Call today for more information.


~ by a1cc on April 28, 2010.

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