Getting Into Shape

I pack up the last of the holiday decorations, pick the remaining confectionary crumbs out of the cookie tin and return the displaced furniture, but there’s still something I’m forgetting.  I catch a glimpse of my backside in the mirror and it hits me… my annual resolution to “get into shape”!

I over-indulge every holiday, vowing that things will change at the beginning of the year.  Technically January 1st is still a holiday and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th are a weekend.  So I put off the resolution until guilt overtakes me and I unhappily trudge to the treadmill.  After three days of starving, sweating and straining every muscle, I collapse in the tub and make another resolution:  I need to get our bathroom in shape.

At A-1 Custom Cabinets we’ve noted that a glamour bath is the staple of both new residential construction and remodels.  The average bath has tripled in size over the past decade.  Generic vanities are being replaced by those with design elements that make bold statements.  Whether you like Old-World, Old Hollywood or Retro, the lowly washstand is now like a piece of fine furniture.  The addition of a vessel sink, custom faucets and tile creates a designer-worthy look.  The transformation is relatively quick and easy.  If only it were that simple for me!


~ by a1cc on January 6, 2010.

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