What’s In A Name?

a1_logoA-1 Custom Cabinets seems a rather bland name for a business, doesn’t it?  I suppose it used to achieve first place status in the Yellow Pages.  (For you internet junkies–that’s a big book of business phone numbers.)   You may call it common, or corny, or cheesey.  It actually makes me think of the Road Runner cartoons and all the “Acme” products poor Wiley Coyote used to buy.   However, unlike all the doomed Acme products, A-1 actually produces some of the finest cabinetry and design work in Pinellas County.

We agree that it isn’t the most creative name, but with nearly a 40 year history it seems silly to change the name now.  Little did we know back in 1994 when we bought the company, that this commonly named shop would produce cabinets of such uncommon quality.  Over the last fifteen years we have continually upgraded our machinery and our standards in hopes of becoming the premier cabinet source in the Tampa Bay area.  We have nearly 60 years of cabinet, construction, remodeling and design experience between the two of us.

So now we are looking to you for help in getting the word out.  We want your ideas on what you would recommend as our “tag line” to communicate the creativity and quality built into our cabinetry. 

Send your suggestions to us.  If we use your slogan you will receive a $50 Restaurant Hapa gift certificate.


~ by a1cc on July 28, 2009.

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